September 16, 2022

MaryAnne and Ginger - ADOPTED!

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Written by: Bob Guere
UPDATED 16 September 2013, Maryanne and Ginger have been ADOPTED!!!  :)
“…the Movie STAR, the Professor and MaryAnne, here on Gilligan’s Isle!” I’ve been working on the bios for Gilligan’s Gang and I haven’t been able to get the theme song for Gilligan’s Island out of my head. It’s not a bad song though and it reminds me of staying home from school after fibbing about having a “migraine”.
Ginger and MaryAnne were rescued from Mexico when they were still in their Mom’s belly. Since birth, they have been cultured, spayed, vaccinated and even had their tails docked like most Schnauzers.Here are their individual bios.Mary Ann (the white one) is spunky and full of a wonderful, happy energy, and very outgoing. More than anything, she likes to be held like a baby on her back to take a nap. We have two large dogs and she enjoys jumping up and nibbling their ears just to turn around and run away, egging them on to chase her. She’ll chase a ball for an hour (but won’t always bring it back). She’d be great in a family setting.  She is potty trained and crate trained, she’s been fixed and had her shots. She gets along with other dogs, understands that cats rule the world, and learns very quickly.

Ginger (the brown one) is much quieter and somewhat shy, but once she’s warmed up, she’s just as full of spunk as Mary Ann. She loves to play with as many toys as she can sit on or fit in her mouth at once, and will often fall asleep among a pile of toys she’s dumped out of their basket. Ginger’s long legs make her surprisingly fast and she will dart around the back yard chasing insects, sticks, or sometimes nothing at all. Ginger loves to curl up in your lap and snuggle. She’ll look up at you with her dark brown eyes that are full of love and are always expressive. She’s be great in a quieter setting probably without small children. She is also potty trained and crate trained, she’s been fixed and had her shots. She gets along with other dogs, keeps a respectful distance from cats, and is very smart.
Adoption applications can be filled out at

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