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About Marley’s Mutts

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue was created to help find permanent homes for stray, abandoned, or otherwise homeless dogs. Marley’s Mutts will accept owner surrenders, but strictly on a case-by-case basis. We are a private rescue that caters to, but is not exclusive to, large dogs (40 lbs. and up). Furthermore, we do not discriminate on the basis of breed – we will accept most dogs provided they do not exhibit vicious behavior.  We are located on 16 acres in Tehachapi, CA, therefore our focus is on rescuing dogs in the greater Tehachapi region. However, due to the open and non-exclusive nature of our rescue, exceptions can be made.

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue operates with a pack of three permanent dogs, the leader of which is named Marley. Marley is a six year-old, 105 lb., Rottweiler/Pit-bull, who is gentle but assertive in his command of the pack. I am the “pack leader” and enforce my dominance always, but Marley exists as the “pack General”. He executes his role as General by asserting himself, when needed, with one loud bark. Marley’s composure and careful application provides for a symbiotic relationship between the dogs. In other words, he helps to keep them in line and prevent confrontation. Five to seven dogs (or Marley’s mutts) have existed here at any given time over the past three years and there is rarely a negative incident. Dogs are treated like family here, which has proved to be the best way to socialize them. Over thirty dogs have been adopted in the last two years with only one returned due to a cat conflict (can’t really blame the dog for that). That dog (Pumpkin is her name) was quickly re-adopted by our neighbors up the street.

Strays, derelicts, vagrants and hobos often need to be correctly socialized- and that is what we specialize in. Marley’s mutts are with us 24 hours a day and are taught how to live like normal dogs. Our dogs do not stay in kennels or cages. They coexist with us as if they were our own dogs. Dogs learn the basics when they come here. They are leash trained, housebroken, taught to ride in a vehicle but most importantly, they learn how to comport themselves around humans and other dogs.  These tools insure that they are capable of adoption and adjusted to fit for their new adoptive homes.

Every dog that comes to our rescue is spayed or neutered and given their necessary vaccinations (which does not always include rabies). Dogs that have not reached maturity must be altered as a condition of adoption. There is an adoption fee necessary to allow us to keep rescuing dogs. When adopting a dog, a trial period can be arranged to insure that the dog is the right fit for its new home. In addition, potential adoptive parents are encouraged to bring their dogs with them to observe how they interact with the dog are interested in. We will always accept our dogs back, provided we have the space. A visit can be arranged in advance by calling 602-350-0335. We are very flexible and simply ask that you call in advance.

Our primary objective is to find loving, capable homes for needy, down-on-their-luck dogs. This endeavor requires a lot of time, energy and funding.

If you are interested in donating, please contact us @ 602.350.0335, 661.821.0997 or or click the PayPal Donation link on the right.

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