This 2 year-old, lady-pittie, was found by Pastor Valerie on the side of the road with non-functioning back legs. Preliminary vet eval indicates an old injury, not a recent hit-by-car. Eden, as she’s being called, needs x...
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Red Rider, our Red Border collie with terrible mange was found up at the gun range here in Bear Valley.  He was very skittish, but now seems to be getting better. Emotionally and behaviorally he IS DEFINITElY getting better. H...
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Saving Romeo (Formerly Harry Potter)

    9-7-12 HARRY POTTER UPDATE: our boy is hanging in there. A different vet had INCORRECTLY prescribed him thyroid medication which sped-up his weight loss and exacerbated his condition.There were times yesterday whe...
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  Update 10-4-12 Last night Moses was rushed to the hospital with bloat a condition in which the organs twist on themselves. We have an update on Moses this morning. He made it through surgery, but isn’t entirely out...
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Finding an Oasis in the Desert

8-28-12 Oasis Update: she is doing good, and is headed to a great foster home today!! 8-21-12 OASIS UPDATE: Her blood work from today came back and her hematocit (or packed cell volume) is up to 31 from 10! This is GREAT NEWS a...
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Helping Tibbets

TIBBET’S TALE: This little, down on his luck stray is Tibbets and he was found at the UNION CEMETARY IN BAKERSFDIELD. A group of folks on a tour of the cemetary, in 100+ degree heat, spotted the frail youngster cowering b...
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