HELP FUND the Miracle Mutts Canine/Human Rescue & Rehabilitation Center!
“Help Rescued Dogs Rescue People”

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ear Mutt Militia -

We are asking for your support to help make a HUGE DREAM come to fruition, and in return, offering the chance to be part of something SO BIG, SO AWESOME, SO LIFE-CHANGING for SO MANY DOGS and SO MANY PEOPLE…

It is the Miracle Mutts Canine/Human Rescue and Rehabilitation Center!

The principal objective of the Miracles Mutts Center is to utilize the power of the canine-human bond to save the lives of abandoned dogs and transform the lives of people facing a similar fate.

We see the great power in dogs and people rescuing one another, and we want to go forward in this direction. However, we currently run our organization out of Zach’s home, which simply isn’t suitable for our expanding vision. Our dream is to open a facility where we can do what we already do more effectively, and where our developing animal-assisted therapy programs can grow and thrive.

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue is a 501c-3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving death-row-dogs in Kern County’s high-kill animal shelters. Marley’s Mutts concentrates on dogs that have the least chance of adoption through the normal process. Dogs that are injured, “scary” looking, disabled and without much hope for the future. These are dogs that could only be saved after being rescued, rehabilitated, trained and socialized. That’s what we currently do. The Miracle Mutts Center will allow us to perform this same valuable service for human beings who are searching for a hopeful future.

At Marley’s Mutts, our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate dogs, and is evolving to include rescuing and rehabilitating disenfranchised people through constructive partnerships with dogs. Currently we save dogs, whosestories of perseverance then serve as examples for us as we face our own (human) struggles. Having a facility — and the comprehensive programming that will result — will greatly broaden the scope of change we are able to affect. We will be able to rescue many more dogs, share even greater lessons of survival and hope, and invite people to join us as we move our mission forward.

A great number of the dogs that are rescued by Marley’s Mutts are injured, many times at the hands of humans. This reality can engender feelings of vengeance and retribution. To take a specific example you just have to look at one of our current mutts named “Hooch”, a “Dog de Bordeaux” who had his ears cut off and his tongue cut out to make him a defenseless “bait dog”. Although many of our supporters wanted us to focus on finding and punishing the human culprit, Marley’s Mutts instead focused on the positive lessons from this tragedy – resilience - letting go of negative episodes in the past - looking forward to a hopeful future.

Marley’s Mutts is far more than a dog rescue. We have become a force of motivation and inspiration by connecting emotionally with our 740,000+ engaged users on Facebook, part of an exponentially growing “cult following” in the social media sphere. Bearing witness to the power of the human-canine bond in our own lives, we encourage our supporters to perceive dog rescue not as a tragic or futile pursuit, but rather an opportunity to become better human beings.

inside of MM center

  • With the creation of the Center, we will have the capacity to rescue and hold more dogs.
  • We will have dedicated space and resources with which to exercise and socialize the dogs we rescue. These are crucial elements to their rehabilitation and adoptability.
  • We will have a centralized location at which to organize and mobilize staff and volunteers.
  • We will have classroom space from which to teach others, creating a ripple effect of outgoing knowledge.
  • We will put Kern County on the map with regard to the progressive animal welfare movement, where currently we rank very low.
  • A centralized facility will bolster community involvement and support.
  • We will be able to fully engage our Miracle Mutts programs, enhancing individuals’ lives through the miracle of the human-canine bond.

In addition, the Center will allow Marley’s Mutts program to expand its established partnerships with several organizations. These include:

  • The Tehachapi Library’s BARKS & BOOKS program, where kids read to dogs, which increases their confidence and reading skills;
  • HEARTS Connection, which provides resources for families of children with autism;
  • The Bakersfield Veterans Center and Wounded Heroes Fund, with whom we hope to train PTSD service dogs for returning soldiers;
  • The Society for Disabled Children and Mountain Pathways, where we bring dogs to interact with children and adults with developmental disabilities;
  • The Mission at Kern County, where people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction work with rescue dogs in a therapeutic capacity; and
  • The Bakersfield Homeless Center, where dogs bring joy and hope to people in need.

MM outdoor area

In addition to inspiring people by bringing dogs to them, we aim to provide instruction and tangible job skills that individuals can use in the recession-proof pet care industry. From our facility, we will be able to provide services to the community — such as dog grooming, dog walking and dog training — that will doubly serve as vocational training for people transitioning out of destitute situations and reentering the workforce. These include recovering addicts and alcoholics, soldiers returning from overseas, and developmentally disabled adults.

Through teaching life and job skills using rescue dogs, the dogs involved become more adoptable, and the people involved become empowered to live better, more productive lives. This is the model that literally saved Zach’s life and facilitated his work in dog rescue. It is a winning model for society as much as it is for individuals and families; and it is one that can be replicated in communities all over the country.