Maggy and Charlie a Long Beach Story

So by now most folks know the story of Maggy and Charlie, but for the folks who don’t here’s a quick synopsis.  We got a call from Claudia Hoffmann down in the Long Beach area about a pair of dogs that had been liv...
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This 2 year-old, lady-pittie, was found by Pastor Valerie on the side of the road with non-functioning back legs. Preliminary vet eval indicates an old injury, not a recent hit-by-car. Eden, as she’s being called, needs x...
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Copper was the poor red shepherd that had a tin-can worked halfway down his throat (the pictures are pretty bad) and was living that way, starving for quite awhile. Several news teams, rescues and volunteers went on many missio...
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  Update 10-4-12 Last night Moses was rushed to the hospital with bloat a condition in which the organs twist on themselves. We have an update on Moses this morning. He made it through surgery, but isn’t entirely out...
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Marley’s On Dr. Drew

Hey Everyone, We are just one month away from the premier of the Dr. Drew show over on VH1 in September.  Zach and Lisa were called to go on the show to talk about how the dogs saved Zach’s life and to share his experien...
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Natalia - 1

The Burned Puppies

PUPPY UPDATE 10:44 am 4/30/12: Our girls are doing very well in foster care. Natalia has a big brother named Kobe (I guess they’re not Clipper fans) who keeps her occupied and entertained. She also has some feline sibling...
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Jude is ADOPTED!!!

  “HEY, JUDE!!!” What can I say about Jude getting adopted yesterday?… It is OUR GREATEST SUCCESS STORY to date!! Our Facebook wasn’t really up and running then so it wasn’t very widely report...
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