sochi_mastheadWelcome to Marley’s Mutts!  Home of the Mutt Militia and the happiest dogs on earth.

The AWESOME folks at KGET-Bakersfield (NBC affiliate) have given Marley’s Mutts and the Mutt Militia an outstanding opportunity for exposure and fundraising.  They will be running special promos throughout the 2014 Sochi Olympics coverage showcasing Marley’s Mutts!

In that vain, we have set up this special donation page so we can reap the benefits!  If you’re a first time visitor brought here by KGET, then WELCOME to the Mutt Militia and thank you so much for visiting.  Please consider a donation and checkout our Adoptable Dogs while you’re here.  You may find your new best friend.

Head over to KGET’s website and click on the Marley’s Mutts image to donate today!