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I make trips to the Bakersfield Animal Shelter about every week. I talk to the KCAC crew, I make the rounds with the dogs, and I come home with a few four-legged friends. Behind the shelter is a make-shift horse stable that seemed to be increasing in size every week. Why were there so many horses accumulating at a dog/cat shelter? Officer Julie Sugg (a pal since I began Marley’s Mutts) and another staff member named Jessica explained to me the plight of these horses. Some were abandoned, some stray and several were seized from animal abuse cases. Their pasts were different but they shared a very abysmal and probable future. If the horses didn’t go to rescue or get adopted in the next week, the county had no choice but to send them to auction. Kern County Animal Control is fighting an underfunded and excruciating battle just to keep up with the dog problem and these horses cost thousands of dollars a weeks to care for. There was no other option but to send to send them to auction.

Horse rescue is not something that we, as a dog rescue, go out of our way to pursue. This operation came to be out of pure necessity: if someone didn’t act, these horses were going to auction which, all to often means slaughter. We undertook this endeavor because a handful of people knew it could be done, stepped up to the plate, and made it happen. We talked to our friends, made hundreds of phone calls, sent tons of emails and, before we knew it, we had a pretty darn good plan.

Kern County Animal Control lent all the support they could and were extremely accommodating. Friends and good Samaritans lent trailers, vehicles, harnesses and exerted blood, sweat and a few tears to make this happen. A week and a half into this effort we have liberated 15 horses and brought them up to the Tehachapi area. The horses are being kept at several locations and are being cared for by a solid (and growing) group of enthusiasts and supporters.

We still have a long way to go and with winter approaching (eventually), we will need to make sure that the horses have everything they need to be comfortable. You can help support the horses by donating time, money, feed or any of the other items that are on our “Wish List.” Thanks to the dozens of folks that made this happen and let’s keep on truckin’!!

Zach M. Skow

Click on Horse Rescue Page to see photos and bios of the rescued horses.

Donations can be dropped off at Bear Valley Equestrian Center, Tehachapi Pet Lodge, and Hemme Hay.


17 Responses to Save a Horse!

  1. joanna says:

    dont forget about the “wild west cowgirls” and their contribution…:)

    • zach says:

      You guys are great. Wereally appreciatethe support and I’ve got nothin’ but love for the Cowgirls. Sorry I dropped the ball and didn’t mention it in the summary. I’ll change it.

  2. Kim Roseberry says:

    I heard about your wonderful organization and wanted to offer any help I could !! I am presently not working so have a lot of spare time on my hands, I have 10 animals of my own that I have rescued, I have had horses that I rescued as well so have an adequate amount of experience with most animals., Unfortunately at this time I do not have any money to donate but would love to donate my time to be of service, Please feel free to call me at any time!!!
    thank you and God bless,
    Kim (714) 390-6437

  3. Ann Kline says:

    Thank you for your time and contributions! It was so nice to meet you and hope to see you again soon…

  4. Ann Kline says:

    We will certainly be giving you a call…we can use all of the help we can get. Looking forward to meeting you,

  5. Robert says:

    Where can i paypal a donation to?

    • judystevens says:


      Wow, we set this up so fast, I forgot to put the Donate link here. I will put it up right away. If you like, you can visit and use that Paypal link. Just click on “Add Special Instructions to the Seller” and say that your donation is for the horses.

      Many thanks for giving me the heads up on that.


  6. I would like to thank Zack and all the volunteers from Marley’s Mutts for stepping up and bravely taking on the burden of these 19 horses. All horse rescues that I am aware of are struggling at this time to care for far too many horses that are homeless as a result of the poor economy and careless overbreeding. I hope the Tehachapi community will continue to support these fortunate horses until they are all placed in homes, and also consider working with Kern County to establish a protocol for impounded horses that does not end in sale by auction.

  7. Twoturtles says:

    Thank you Marley Mutts for all you do for all animals. You truly have a servant’s heart. Please keep your chin up as you continue your dedication to the cause!

  8. Elaine Ogden says:

    I’m so encouraged and inspired by your work. Doing whatever you can to save someone’s life inspired me to rescue 2 dogs this week from the Baks shelter who were scheduled for euthanasia the next day. You inspired me at ACT and I now have 2 sweeties to enrich my life. Death is final and these two little ones are pretty happy I did not wait around to have everything figured out before I took them home. A good plan with action is much better than a perfect plan and no action. I’m so glad you ACT. Keep up the good work and the great example of how we all should be in our lives.

  9. We continue to be inspired and impressed with all the good works done by Zach and all those involved with Marley’s Mutts. Thanks for giving life back!

  10. Ann KLine says:

    Thank you to those that have provided us with coupons for senior horse feed. This week alone,we saved $90.00. That will buy 9 bags of shavings, or 9 bags of Hay Relacer Pellets….well, you get the idea! Please keep them coming and THANKS!!!!

  11. Deanna Crenshaw says:


    I just talked to Zach about coming up with my daughter this Friday to volunteer in whatever way necessary. Can you please let me know if you could put us to work that day?

  12. Ann KLine says:

    I am so sorry…I will call you today. All of my attention has been on the pregnant mare the last few days…

  13. angie says:

    hello my name is angie would like to donate my time to help when i can would u plz let me know what i can do i have experience with stallions because i own one my self im still in the learning process but i might be able to help

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