Kern County suffers from a pet overpopulation problem that has become epidemic. Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue is committed to helping address this using our knowledge of spay/neuter and canine wellness education. Our mission puts on the streets every day, where we have gained valuable knowledge about the people we will serve. It is our belief that low income communities should be targeted with spay/neuter events that are held in their respective “back yards” and would have the effect of educating as well as serving. Without proper education, spay/neuter, even in great numbers, will only temporarily help the problem. By creating monthly Canine Wellness Events around these spay/neuter services we can empower these communities with knowledge and insight that they can take home with them and share.

Working extensively in Kern County over the last 5 years we have learned that its residence are some of the most giving, aware and cause oriented folks on the planet. By working in, not just with, these communities we create a much larger mechanism for change! The overpopulation of pets in Kern County has been a black eye on our community. Marley’s Mutts is taking this challenge head on and will undoubtedly be victorious.

IMPORTANT: Spay/neuter vouchers are only available to COUNTY residents in zip codes: 93306, 93307 or 93308 at this time. You must have current ID or utility bill to provide address. Maximum of 3 vouchers per household. Dogs only.

Below is a calendar of Spay & Neuter events. County residents in zip codes 93306, 93307 & 93308 can get vouchers at any of the events listed. If you have any questions about the spay & neuter program please call Jackie at 661-283-5533